This year the Timber Creek Show Choir has had quite the adjustment to make. For the first time, show choir is no longer a class period, and they are limited to three mornings a week before school to prepare for their major competition later this year.

“Show choir is really not meant for the classroom,” said head choir director Adrian Kirtley. “I mean, they don’t need tests and check-ins. It gets really repetitive when you’re doing the same five songs all year long.”

Since their old class spot has been taken over by the Timber Creek Chamber Choir, the students of show choir have jointly made a mass attitude change to meet their goals of the year.

“You can immediately tell that the returning students genuinely want to be here this time,” said assistant choir director Stephen Evans. “I think the knowledge of having to sacrifice your time outside of school gives a renewed sense of urgency to the group.”

The show choir will start performing in Spring of 2020.

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