From Wednesday, April 24 to Sunday, April 28, 28 students from the Talon, TCTV and Yearbook traveled to Anaheim, CA to attend the National High School Journalism Convention. At the convention, students had the opportunity to attend several different sessions and enter competitions involving their journalistic interests. Before the first day of the convention, attendees of the trip were able to go to Disneyland and California Adventure.

“I decided to go to Disneyland from opening to closing because I thought, ‘why not?'” junior Yearbook member Ainsley Lawhorne said. “I was with my friends and other staff members, and we were going to the happiest place on earth.”

The convention started off with several teaching sessions. Sessions had experienced presenters from all over the nation who taught a variety of topics for the thousands of journalism students in attendance.

“My favorite session was ‘Editors: It’s Lonely at the Top.'” sophomore yearbook member and Talon reporter Lauren Graham said. “The presenter gave us a list of 10 ways to be a good editor and leader, and explained what makes a great editor.”

After two days filled with excellent learning experiences for students, there was a National Scholastic Press Association award ceremony to close the convention. The Talon, TCTV and Yearbook entered in the category ‘Best of Show.’ Talon won eighth place in the online news website category and received a certificate. This was Talon’s first ever entry into any competition.

“Sitting in that ballroom and hearing ‘Timber Creek Talon’ getting announced for eighth place of all online news websites submitted in the nation was an amazing feeling,” senior Talon reporter Erin Obregon said. “As a senior who’s been on the staff for 3 years now, it was especially rewarding because I was able to see years of work paying off on the national level.”

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By Aleena Davis

Editor-In-Chief for Talon and a senior who loves writing, photography and dogs.

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