On Tuesday, April 30 at 7 p.m., the Timber Creek Band released the 2019 marching band show theme on TCTV’s Youtube channel. The show was originally supposed to be announced at the band’s spring concert, but the concert was canceled due to severe weather.

Hours beforehand band director, Hunter Bown, and the band’s official account, run by Ainsley Beers, had everyone on Twitter speculating what next year’s show will be by changing the accounts profile picture and providing the word count for the title.

The tweet had people from all over trying to figure out the riddle. Even accounts run by people from The Couchmen, a large social media presence, and Lone Star Percussion were scratching their heads at this puzzle.

“Me and my friends tried to decipher it throughout our whole chemistry class,” sophomore Ava Cavazos said. “It was a serious case of curiosity and excitement.”

After many hours of mystery solving throughout the day, the band students were thrilled to see that next year’s show will be ‘Myths and Mysteries.’ Many are excited that the band will finally be doing a dark and non-nature show. Some even made a myths and mysteries fan club page on Twitter.

“Im very excited for this dark show. Our last two shows have been nature, so I really love this idea,” junior Cade Wells stated. “The class of 2020 has been pushing for one since the show Conchairto has been done. And for us to end with a dark show is something many of us is happy with.”

The show is planned to feature a UFO, forest, and Bermuda triangle through the use of props on the field. The show will also feature selections from Bernard Herrman, Peter Graham, Imogen Heap, Edward Elgar, and Michael Daugherty. Although the question still remains unanswered on how the props will be built or what the costumes will be, with hard work and determination of the directors and band members, it will be a show to remember.

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By Sofia Facundo

Sofia is a Senior and the current News Editor. Sofia has been writing for Talon since their freshman year.

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