The custodial staff at Timber Creek is a department that has been for too long overlooked, and senior Emma Dovers decided that it was time to change that.

On Monday April 29, senior Emma Dovers and a few of her friends surprised the custodial staff with customized gift baskets. This was an undertaking Dovers had been planning for several weeks. A few members of HOSA also helped to make the cards.

“I know how hard it is to pick things up and then have to do it all over again,” Dovers said. “Originally I was just going to do it, but then I told my friend Paige Allen about it and then she got HOSA on board with it.”

While a few of the custodians were unable to receive their baskets in person due to absence, all were surprised to receive baskets customized to their interests and pastimes. Custodial workers, such as James Holland, had received gift cards and certificates before to honor them, but nothing similar to the scale of Dover’s project. Not only did they receive gift baskets, but an entire room dedicated to them, honoring the work that they do.

“Nothing of this caliber has been done in the eight years I’ve been as department head,” Holland said. “[We appreciated] the time and effort put into it as a team. I got Buffalo Wild Wings cards and shirt.”

“To the janitors,” said Thuy Nguyen, “I just want to say that we appreciate you for everything that [you] do. I really wish that people would pick up after themselves… a little bit better than they already do.”

The Timber Creek Custodians are just as important to the school as the student body. Like many others, they call the school a second home. They definitely need to be honored for the work that they do to keep the school looking its best.

“I can’t get everyone at Timber to pick up after themselves,” Dovers said, “but what I can do is appreciate the people who are picking up after us.”

Here are the names of the students who helped in making the cards and baskets (Also included in the following video):

Emma Dovers
Mackenzie Panganiban
Sydney Shoemaker
Allie Quitana
Hannah Blashke
Paige McCarthy
Addison Eanes
Janay Randolph
Nabil Gonzalez
Thuy Nguyen
Emma Shields
Hannah Engebretson
Jude Miller
Devin Gilbert
Savannah De La Rosa
Breanna Corry
James Williams

By Mason Howard

Mason is a Senior at Timber, and enjoys writing, video games, and watching anime.

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