Traditionally, letterman jackets are awarded to students who excelled in a sport or club. Now, Career and Technical Education (CTE) students have an opportunity to receive one.

The KCAL faculty have been working on a way for students to receive a letter jacket, and has asked for all sophomore and junior students to view the requirements. To receive a letterman, students must be enrolled in at least three consecutive CTE courses, including the 11th and 12th grade practicum or capstone classes.

Teachers have been emailed a qualification form from Ms. Kim Smith, the CTE department’s chair. Students will fill out the form, with an appropriate teacher verifying the information. All forms must be completed and turned in to Smith by Friday, April 26. Students who have submitted the forms will be contacted by the KCAL staff, and invited to an informational meeting over the summer (date to be determined).

The cost of the jacket will start at $55. Students can also purchase a CTE patch individually online without filling out a separate form.


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By Mason Howard

Mason is a Senior at Timber, and enjoys writing, video games, and watching anime.

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