As the end of the school year grows nearer, the time for state testing has returned. STAAR/EOC testing will be held on April 9 and 11, followed by May 6-9.

The English I EOC will be held Tuesday, April 9 and the English II EOC will be Thursday, April 11. Algebra I, US History and Biology EOC exams will occur between May 6-9.

The campus will be closed to all visitors and deliveries on state testing days. Non-testers will follow their regular schedule, but without bells or music between classes.

Testing locations for English EOC exams will be in the library, lecture hall, upstairs main hall and both up and downstairs central hall. These hallways are going to be closed during testing, so all non-testers will be relocated.

Click to enlarge the relocation schedule.


Click the corresponding link for each test to see a PDF version of the testing centers. Lists are ordered alphabetically by last name. Use CTRL+F or another search function to help find your name.

UPDATED: Lists updated due to room changes as of 9:00 a.m. April 8, 2019.

English I STAAR EOC Spring 2019 Student Room Assignments (Updated)

English II STAAR EOC Spring 2019 Student Room Assignments (Updated)

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