Most schools in North Texas do not have the immense amount of students that Timber Creek does. Keller High School for example has 2,782 students. Boswell High School has only 1,688 students. Fossil Ridge High School has 2,362 and Central High School has 2,556. Therefore, many schools do not have to deal with problems concerning parking. Parking is very difficult to find when a student has first period off, or starts their day with KCAL. Students that don’t have parking passes end up taking all the parking spots and the students who have paid for the privilege to park end up having to park somewhere far away, or even in a nearby area close to school. 

At the beginning of the year, this problem was handled very well and security was on top of the situation. Security would boot students’ cars and give them a ticket for parking in a non-parking spot or not having a parking ticket. The way that the campus handles this problem now is not nearly as effective. Ideally, students would buy a parking pass and park in the designated spots they are allowed to keep their car in. In reality, however, students tend to ignore the rules and do what they want, sometimes parking in places that aren’t even spots. 

There are several positive aspects to having parking rules in place. It prevents the parking lots from overflowing and allows traffic to move more smoothly. Seniors may have parking a little bit easier because they are given assigned spots that they park in everyday, relieving some of the difficulty in finding a new spot each morning. Juniors, teachers and some sophomores on the other hand have to get to school early just so they can find a place to park by 8:10 or the parking lot is already packed. 

As the school continues growing, this problem is going to increase more and more because more students will be driving. To keep this issue from getting out of control, one solution would be to add more parking spots on campus. There is a vast amount of grassy area that could be used as parking, even the green house could be put toward this solution since it is not used anymore. Adding more parking spots would make mornings easier for students and lessen some of the stress and frustration that bombards them before they even get out of their cars. 

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By Talon Editorial

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