To solidify our school pride and commemorate Timber Creek’s 10 years of establishment, Student Council is hosting a Trivia Night to raise funds for the Falcon Statue. The event will take place Thursday, May 2 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Cafeteria. All proceeds will go towards this future tradition. To read more about the Falcon Statue and see in-progress photos, click here.

To register, scan the QR Code below, or click here. When registering, the options to sign up as a team, individual, or non-present donor are available. Teams will require a team name and captain. Individual players will be randomized and grouped with other individuals. Teams must have a minimum of six players and no more than eight. Each person must pay $10 in advance online, at the Keller ISD Web Store.

There will be ten categories with 8-10 questions per category. Answer sheets will be turned in at the end of each round, and the Trivia team with the highest score wins.

The posted Trivia rules are as follows:

  1. You come in and sit at the trivia table with your group.
  2. There will be 10 categories with 8-10 questions per category.
  3. You then answer the questions and turn your answer sheets in at the end of each round.
  4. Trivia team with the highest score wins.
  5. NO use of cell phones or any outside help (If you need to use your cell phone, leave the room. You may join your team at the beginning of the next round.)
  6. Tables of 6-8 (Only teams of 8 will be eligible to win the grand prize.)
  7. You must turn in answer sheets within two minutes of the end of the round.
  8. Usually answers need not be spelled correctly, BUT the judges have to know what you mean.
  9. Don’t yell out answers.
  10. All challenges must be brought to the judges.

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