This spring break, the Trinity Springs Middle School Wind Ensemble will be traveling to Indianapolis, Indiana to perform in the Music For All National Festival. The students will travel overnight on a bus to have the experience of a lifetime.

Last year the members of the 2017-18 Wind Ensemble recorded their UIL concert pieces and submitted those recordings with an application to be considered to earn a performance slot in the 2019 festival. After a few months of waiting, the students learned during their annual week long band camp in August that they would be making the journey to perform.

“I’m excited to perform for lots of musicians, and [to show] them how hard we’ve worked this past year,” said eighth grade trumpet player, Lance Pearson.

At the convention, the students will not only have the opportunity to perform in the festival, but they will also be able to attend masterclasses and clinics, as well as see middle schools from around the country perform. It’s a rare occasion and an honor that a middle school band would have the opportunity to hear other bands from throughout the nation.

“[This performance] means a lot,” Pearson said. “We’ve worked really hard and now we get to perform for a large amount of people and show them just how hard we’ve worked.”

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By Erin Obregon

Erin is a senior at Timber Creek. She is a flute/piccolo player in the Timber Creek band and is probably eating Starbursts.

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