Eleven art students from Timber Creek received awards at the recent Scholastic Art contest, with one student advancing to the national level of competition.

There are three awards student art could be awarded: gold key, silver key, and the honorable mention. Every student who obtained a gold key prize will move onto the national judgement in New York City. At that level, artworks will be considered for gold and silver medalists and special achievement awards.

Listed below are the Timber Creek art pieces, student name, and teacher of the qualifier.

Paige Allen, gold key. Mrs. Gardner

Paige Allen, silver key. Mrs Gardner

Brynn Ure, silver key. Mrs. Gardner

Meleya Dunn, silver key. Mrs Kerr

Lillian Faith Lowrance, silver key. Ms. Thompson

Danna Mejia Lopez, silver key for portfolio. Ms. Thompson

Haley Salter, honorable mention. Mrs. Gardner

Adan Tapia, honorable mention. Mrs. Gardner

Gabriella Levine, honorable mention. Mrs. Kerr

Adrienne Lewis, honorable mention. Mrs. Kerr

Dana Mejia Lopez, Honorable mention. Ms. Thompson

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