At their Feb. 28 through March 2 competition, members of the Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) were awarded “Most Outstanding Chapter” for their involvement at the region and state competitions as well as their efficiency within their organization.

It was really cool to feel like a part of TAFE, especially as a part that’s being recognized for what we do as a group,” Naya Oswalt said.

In order to be considered a recipient for this prestigious award, a TAFE organization must accumulate 500 points through representation and recognition at competitions such as state. TAFE Vice President, Megan Chormicle, contributed to this effort when she served as the Region 11A Historian. Helping run the November region competition hosted at Timber Creek, she and fellow member, Faith Kelly, also competed and won in the event ‘Inside Our Schools’.

Continuing the success, junior Claire Bigelow and Chormicle also created a interactive workshop, otherwise known as a ‘breakout session’, about the seven correlates of school. This allowed them group collaboration with other TAFE organizations in order to present and exchange ideas.

“We had more active members this year so we were more involved with the organization as a whole,” Chormicle said. “[Principle] Somerhalder actually came to watch us during our breakout session so that was pretty cool.”

TAFE not only provides students an opportunity to explore a career as an educator but it also elicits interaction between different schools, building connections and relationships within its student populations. It strives to represent Timber Creek to the best of its abilities and build up it’s reputation as a formidable organization.

It was such a cool experience because I got to get to know new people in the organization on a personal level outside of our school,” Chormicle explained.

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By Serena Shabout

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