For the past few weeks, Student Media has hosted an online fundraiser through Snap-Raise. The campaign ends on Tuesday, March 26. The targeted goal of the group is to raise $10,000.

The donated funds will go to benefit the subsections in the student media department, including Talon, TCTV, TC Sports Network and TCFM. With the money raised, the media program plans on putting the money towards more, as well as updated equipment, such as SD cards, RODE microphones, cables, tripods, cameras, and camera batteries.

In order to acquire the funds, students have been sending messages with a link to the fundraiser to parents and adults they know, requesting for a donation. The Snap-Raise Fundraiser is not a typical fundraiser in the sense that the media program isn’t selling anything, they’re simply asking for willing benefactors willing to donate money.

Click here to make a donation in support of student media.

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By Mason Howard

Mason is a Senior at Timber, and enjoys writing, video games, and watching anime.

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