In February of 2019, 19-year-old Shamima Begum was stripped of her British citizenship, after asking to return earlier in said month. In 2015, the then 15-year-old fled her east London home to join the infamous terrorist group ISIS. Her reason for wanting to return home is because for fear of her newborn son’s safety while living in a refugee camp in Syria. Begum and her husband had already had two other children, but who have since died.

Upon discovering that her UK citizenship was being stripped, Begum admitted that she was “a bit shocked” and “doesn’t understand why her case is any different” from others. She has also admitted that she doesn’t regret going to Syria, but says that she’s a changed person.

Due to her Bangladeshi heritage, there was a possible thought of her being able to go to Bangladesh, but since she hasn’t applied for dual citizenship, she can not be allowed into the country. Begum plans to apply for citizenship in Holland, where her husband is from.

Unfortunately her husband, Yago Riedijk, whom she married when she was 15 and he 23, is facing a six year jail term for joining a terror organization. Begum’s family wants her to return home for her newborn son’s safety and not wanting to abandon the young teen.

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By Sophia Crowder

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