Timber Creek’s One Act Play titled “The Lost Boy” follows the author of Peter Pan, James Barrie, and shows how his unfortunate circumstances inspired the story.

The One Act Play is performed by selected actors from the theatre department and is popularly known as “varsity theatre” throughout the group. These actors take this play to UIL competitions where they compete to go to the bi-district, region, area, and state competition.

“I love it, it’s super fun for me because everyone in the company is so dedicated to the process and making this show the best it can be,” sophomore Anna White expressed.

The group must follow the UIL rules for their competitions, making it a challenge to put together the piece. There can only be a limited amount of actors and stage crew, so there is much competition just to get into One Act in the first place.

“It’s so fun to be around people who care so much about making this beautiful story come to life on stage,” says White.

The first One Act competition is Thursday, March 21 at Timber Creek. Depending on how far in the competition they advance, they will have a few more upcoming performances and a show for everyone to come see when they stop advancing.

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