Beginning on March 7, Falcon Friends will be selling a variety of sodas and drinks on Thursdays after school in the school store. All money raised goes toward funding the Special Education Prom that Timber Creek will be hosting next year.

The drinks being sold have been donated to the club by its students and staff members. Falcon Friends is encouraging and welcoming any donations in room N114. The club’s vice president, Sunshine Haskins, further explains the reasons behind this fundraiser.

“We would like to make next years SPED prom super special,” Haskins said. “We want it to be totally over the top, and an unforgettable experience for the kids, but the reality is that we need money in order to really accomplish our goals.”

In Falcon Friend’s previous fundraiser, they sold roses and chocolate, then hand delivered them to teachers and students on Valentines Day.

“The whole thing went really great, the kids had so much fun going from class to class, it made them feel very important and special,” Haskins said. “And that is the true point of all our fundraisers, it’s for the kids.”

By Lauren Graham

Talon News Editor The Creek Yearbook Co-Editor-In-Chief

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