Our school has spent money on things that are essentially useless, such as badges. These IDs barely help improve school security, and lots of people are not taking them seriously. Even security officers have not been asking to see the badges of students who are not wearing them, so the money spent on the custom lanyards and student IDs was ultimately wasted.

Instead, administration should be using the money on things that could benefit the students, staff, and our campus. There are plenty of options that our money could be spent on that could actually improve our school.

If administration wishes to improve our security, funds should be used on things such as metal detectors. This could help diminish the possibility of an individual bringing a weapon into the school. Currently, someone could easily walk into the building with their backpack on just like any other student but could be carrying a weapon, and no one would know until they pull it out. If metal detectors were used at entrances, this would help lower the possibility of this scenario occurring.

Teachers today have to spend their hard earned money on school supplies for their students. They should not have to spend that money, because they already are not be making as much as they should. Administration could help out their staff by providing them with supplies such as pencils, markers, scissors, glue, and anything else they might need for their class.

Students could also be benefited if the school used the money for scholarships. We could give our hardworking students opportunities to help fund their college instead of giving them a piece of plastic to wear around their neck. Administration should be helping these determined falcons instead of wasting the money that could be used to help them with their futures.

The idea of badges could be helpful with determining who should and shouldn’t be on campus, but this idea did not play out as planned. Staff can not punish students who don’t wear their badge, because the school board never voted on it. This leads to students not wearing it, and no one can do anything about it. If administration knew that they could not punish those who don’t wear it, they should not have spent the money on them in the first place.

We need to start spending the money we have on things that will be able to benefit us all, and not something that barely helps the improvement of our school.

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By Talon Editorial

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