Starting Monday, March 25, debate will be raising money during lunches to pie teachers in the face. The winning teachers will get a pie to the face, the following week. Teachers that are in the race to be “pied” in the face consist of debate teacher Alyson Neeley, Michael Otto, Daniel Comiskey, Greg Janda, Erica Ashcraft, Stacey Cleveland, Alan Cotton, Shawna Anzaldua, Craig Robertson and Melissa Taylor. The debate team will raise funds the entire week, and collect final donations Friday, March 29.

“Our team is looking to start some new traditions and really enjoy getting the opportunity to pie some of their favorite teachers, so I think it’s here to stay”, Neeley said.

This is the third time debate has hosted the “pie in the face” fundraiser. The first fundraiser, that took place during homecoming week, helped debate raise $250 towards the program. The money earned helped fund competitions and fees.

“Funds will be used to purchase supplies for next year as well as help cover membership fees for our team next semester,” Neeley said. “Our team is apart of three different organizations that host competitions throughout the school year. Our team pays the membership fees as well as any necessary subscription fees for our students to be successful.”

The teachers who raise the most money will be pied in the face from April 1 through April 5. Students will be able to see their teachers get served on TCTV the following week. The previous times debate held the fundraiser, the debate team, as well as students outside of debate, enjoyed the sight of a pie in their favorite teacher’s face.

“It is really fun for me, because it’s kind of like revenge,” said senior, Michael Fish. “It was a really fun experience overall and honestly a great time.”


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By Caroline Epperson

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