Today students across the nation are stressed with schoolwork, extracurriculars, social media, and external pressures from peers and their parents. A recent study conducted by a group of expert panelists found that almost 50% of high school students face a great deal of stress daily, so it’s important that we give kids the opportunity to remove as much stress as humanly possible. A great way to eliminate that stress is through adding a study hall period. Study hall can improve GPA and reduce stress levels in kids.

David Chambers, a Principal at Cantrell Sacred Heart of Mary High School  in Montebello, California, decided to add a study hall period for students who have turned in work late. The results amazed him. Chambers found that when he implemented study hall, there was an overall increase in GPA. These results can be traced back to the fact that study hall allows kids to finish as much homework as possible, causing them to turn in more homework on time and of a better quality. This is not just in California, but several schools across the country have seen a growth in students’ GPA’s by half a point and an increase in honor roll students. Not only has this satisfied the students, but the teachers and parents as well.

Another benefit is that it reduces stress in teens. Kids face a lot of internal and external pressure trying to perform well in school, and many on top of that face mental health issues, causing them to relieve the stress in harmful ways, like through drinking or drugs. By having study hall, they have the time to finish homework, visit a counselor to talk about personal issues, or unwind by doing a relaxing activity.

Some may say that during study hall, kids will use it as a time to wander and be destructive, and even cut class, but by issuing designated rooms, this problem is ceased. Study halls are not a waste, but a helpful tool and should be treated as such. By implementing study halls, Timber Creek will see a more relaxed student body with a greater ability to focus and finish all their work on time, as well as happier teachers.

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By Sophia Crowder

Hi my name is Sophia Crowder and I'm a senior here at TCHS!!!!!

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