Showcasing their passion is the dance department who will be putting on a performance on Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 7 p.m. in the Main Gym. KISD employees who bring their badge get free entrance for them and an additional person. Senior citizens and children under five are also free while tickets for everyone else are $5.

“The purpose of it is to entertain the audience and demonstrate what the Timber Creek dance department is all about,” Alexandria Quintana explained.

With 240 students enrolled in a dance class, whether it be Sky Dancers, Violet Belles or as an elective, the showcase serves as an opportunity for them to show their friends and loved ones what they have learned and worked on throughout the year.

“I am personally most excited to perform with my team,” Quintana said. “Our competition season goes by so fast, each moment I get to spend with them means the world to me.”

For Sky Dancers and Violet Belles the showcase serves a double purpose in that they get to show their loved ones different forms of dance while squeezing in a performance before presenting their pieces to judges at competitions. The reaction of the audience is what helps them make last minute style and attitude corrections before starting on their journey to success.

“I hope the general audience will feel the love that we all share for dancing, “ Quintana said. “Dancing is not just about the dancers, but the passion behind what we do and what we hope to make the audience feel.”

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By Serena Shabout

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