Bringing up a brand new team of athletes who have little previous varsity experience, the Timber Creek Boys Basketball Team finished off their 2018-2019 year in playoffs against the Coppell High School. With a close score of 53-51, the team barely lost out, going 15-15 overall in the season. Completely comprised of underclassmen, junior athletes like Jordyn Vicente, Michael Mouser, Copper Steele and Wes Castlemain evidently furthered the team’s success, consistently putting the team first in order to reach their goal end results.

The last game was back and forth the whole game,” said Steele. “Coppell just pulled out at the end. We made it to the first round of playoffs even though people [doubted we would]. Our team is different than any other team…and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

While the team did not meet all of their goals for the year, they proved their determination, making it an exact goal to be “#relentless”, no matter the score. With veteran seniors graduating during the 2017-2018 school year, the program looks to turnout a fresh perspective and younger group of athletes, though still presenting the same game-winning and constantly improving mentality. Making it a point to stay positive no matter the outcome of a game, Steele was able to focus in on improving personally as well as the team as a whole, feeling confident in the team’s success in the season’s to come.

“I believe that my team and I can make it to second round of playoffs next year,” Steele said. “We were all [only] juniors this year and came up just a little bit short from going to the second round. I’m proud of what my team and I accomplished this season and I would not have
changed anything.”

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By Samantha Sandusky

Senior at Timber Creek.

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