Cast your votes for TWO of the teachers at Timber Creek you feel were deserving of recognition for December 2018 and January 2019.

Read the descriptions of each teacher, and then pick TWO from the check boxes below:

Marcy Gardner- Ms. Gardner displays a big love for her students and her artwork. Whether it is an encouraging word or a “that looks great,” she knows just what to do to make a student’s day!

Lindsey Harris- Works tirelessly to bring the very best in dance experiences and teaching to her students. She gives 100% to all of the Timber Creek dance students, and our students perform with excellence and ease!

Alan Cotton- Mr. Cotten does an excellent job teaching both AP and PAP Biology. He is always available for his kids in the morning and in the afternoon. He even gives up his lunch on occasion. He videos himself teaching every day so any student can have access to his lectures if they miss a day, or even if they just want to review it. He goes above and beyond to make sure each student has a chance to succeed. He also does an excellent job mentoring the rest of us Bio teachers when he is asked. He will do anything we ask of him at the drop of a hat.

Rob Barker- Rob welcomed the new Aquatic Science teachers with open arms and open files! He graciously gave us access to his websites and documents, making it possible for us to start this year with everything we needed. He has been open to every suggestion and has welcomed all and any changes. He took over as level lead and really made this a great transition year. He is a pleasure to work with and certainly made my “first year” very enjoyable! :)

Erika Ashcraft is a valuable member of the Social Studies department who has raised the bar for our AP program. She has an incredible rapport with her students as she makes psychology relevant to their lives. Erika is a great support to her fellow teachers and is vital part of the TCHS community.

Chelsea Wright – Very team oriented, witty, and compassionate. She is super-organized, always willing to lend a helping hand, and never complains.

Nona Kummell- Patient, kind, always there with an open ear and compassion, and students & staff alike love her. She puts everyone before herself and makes friends with everyone she meets.

Roger Thomas is a great department chair, AD coach, tennis coach, online teacher, French teacher and Jack of All Trades that always brings great activities back to our department and represents us well at Keller U. He had a great December and taught students lots of language in cultural contexts with Christmas commercials from around the world.

Trishla Shah- Mrs. Shah is doing a great job in her second year at Timber Creek. Her ability to make good relationships with her students is obvious every day before and after school when her room is full of past and present students who love to visit and share their days with her. She has even been juggling helping in the concession stands for many sports where her students are happy to see her. She is teaching Level 1 wonderfully and took on the challenge of Level 3 like a champ.
Letitia Smiley – Letitia builds bridges with the community and many different places of employment to make sure that her students have access to a variety of fun and educational experiences. She is truly student focused.

Andrea Hernandez – Andrea helps students build employment skills. She works with students who have a vast range of abilities, and she makes each one feel successful.

Stephanie Stonebraker- Always going above and beyond like great teachers do.

Shawna Anzaldua- Always going above and beyond like great teachers do.

Vote for December and January Teachers of the Month

Vote for December and January Teachers of the Month

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