Congratulations to the cast and crew of “The Lost Boy” and “Treasure Island”!

“The Lost Boy” company:

Stage Manager: Raegan White

Crew: McKinlee Shaw

Crew: Madison Wooten

Crew: Keegan Moore

Crew: Lucas Bradanini


Jamie Barrie: Sam Clapp

James M. Barrie: Nathaniel Hicks

Margaret Ogilvy Barrie: Olivia Smith

Mary Ansell Barrie: Floriana Azemi

Deacon: Brian Vazquez

Maureen O’Rourke: Bailey Collier

Sean O’Rourke: Braeden De La Garza

Kirriemuir/London Ensemble: Amanda Lastorino

Kirriemuir/London Ensemble: Samantha Bajonero

Davey Barrie/Peter Pan: Elliot Noll

Liza/Tootles: Emmie Ambrose

Ned/Slightly: Brayden Barfield

The Old Crow: Aaron Lancaster

Tinker Bell: Hailey Anders

Captain “Hook” Roger: Jesse Champion

Alternate: Korey Sayre

Alternate: Emma Norton

Alternate: Montse Luna

Alternate: Anna White


“Treasure Island” company:

Assistant Director: Maddie Ott

Stage Manager: Emily Snyder

Assistant Stage Manager: Meredith Frazier

Set Dressing Designer: Georgie Bowen

Set Crew Head: Hannah Brown

Set Crew Second: Laura Mezzoli

Set Build Crew: Kim Schmidt

Set Build Crew: Tex Van Speybroeck

Set Build Crew: Alyssa Miller

Assistant Costume Designer: Desi Bills

Costume Crew Head: Carrie Schnecloth

Costume Crew: Jackie Kiuna

Costume Crew: Laila Lopez

Costume Crew: Emma Revuelta

Props Crew Head: David Percival

Props Crew: Brianna Gutierrez

Props Crew: Larisa Lintea

Sound Designer: Mina Haring

Sound Operator: Kim Schmidt

Light Board Operator: Laura Mezzoli

Front of House Crew Head: Dee Lepine

Marketing Crew Head: Bella Foresta

Marketing Crew: Dee Lepine

Marketing Crew: Elyn Autrey

Marketing Crew: Denise Gurra

Costume Run Crew: Elyn Autrey

Costume Run Crew: Bella Foresta


Jim: Sydnee Jones

Doctor: Kady Waldmann

Squire Trelawney: Brennan Wright

Long John Silver: Jordan Davis

Captain Smollet: Ethan Hyatt

Ben Gunn: Zach Feuling

Grandma: Brooke Boyer

Mrs. Crosley: Karen Sager

Bill Bones: Davion Hayes

Black Dog: Ruth Ng’eny

Blind Pew: Jaden Slaughter

Israel Hands: Jose Ramirez

Joan the Goat: Mackeynzie Kiester

Dick the Dandy: Celeste Langford

Killigrew the Kind: Remedy Dixon

Silent Sam: Claire Remo

George the Badger: Elizabeth Heffron

Red Ruth: Clara Israel

Lucky Mickey: Parker Perierra

Grey: Karl Farrar

Captain Flint (the Parrot): Sophia Zamora

Job Anderson: Sebastian Rios

Ensemble Stevi Bothel

Ensemble: Blaine Cook

Ensemble: Autumn Sanders

Ensemble: Cat McDonald-Wilson

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By Raegan White

Raegan is a senior in Falcon Theatre and Talon. She enjoys writing, shoe shopping, stage managing, and drinking coffee in excessive amounts.

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