The Kelley Awards will take place in the Fine Arts Center on Friday, Jan. 25, at 7:30 p.m. The box office will open at 6:45 p.m. where tickets can be purchased for $10. Tickets are only sold at the door.

The main event will be live streamed by the Timber Creek Student Media and can be accessed via the TCTV YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel to be notified before the event begins.

The Kelley Awards honors exceptional efforts in Keller ISD Musical Theatre. Falcon Theatre’s fall musical, The Addams Family, had qualified 20 individual students, six staff members, and various subgroups for recognition.

The nominees for the Kelley Awards are as follows:

Best Actor in a Leading Role

  • Britton Coleman (Officer Lockstock), KHS
  • Mitchell Harvey Munn (Bobby Strong), KHS
  • Miracle Myles (Jack Kelly), CHS
  • Braeden De La Garza (Gomez), TCHS
  • Bryce Welborn (Billy Lawlor), FRHS
  • Luke Jaquez (Julian Marsh), FRHS

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

  • Isaac Empson (Les); CHS
  • Jose Gonzalez (Davey); CHS
  • Danny Flores (Andy Lee), FRHS
  • Jesse Champion (Fester), TCHS
  • Brian Vazquez (Lucas), TCHS
  • Tyler Harrell (Hot Blades Harry), KHS

Best Actor in a Minor Role

  • Kirk Logan (Crutchie); CHS
  • Michael Lopez (Race); CHS
  • Nathaniel Hicks (Lurch), TCHS
  • Zachary Feuling (Pugsley), TCHS
  • Jimmy Romero (Mr. McQueen), KHS
  • Sebastian Sanchez (Abner Dillon), FRHS

Best Actress in a Leading Role

  • Madelyn Whitehead (Katherine Plumber), CHS
  • Jordan Davis (Wednesday), TCHS
  • Floriana Azemi (Morticia), TCHS
  • Ashlyn Dodson (Penelope Pennywise), KHS
  • Maddie Phipps (Hope Cladwell), KHS
  • Jenna Lundberg (Peggy Sawyer), FRHS

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

  • Aria Tolbert (Medda Larkin), CHS
  • Julia Erb (Little Sally), KHS
  • Kaitlin Johnson (Becky Two Shoes), KHS
  • Hailey Quinonez (Maggie Jones), FRHS
  • Reagan Winter (Ann Reilly), FRHS
  • Hailey Anders (Alice), TCHS

Best Actress in a Minor Role

  • Bailey Collier (Grandma), TCHS
  • Renee Powell (Buttons), CHS
  • Reagan Myers (Hannah); CHS
  • Emily Lopez (Soupy Sue), KHS
  • Maddalena Lupold (Lorraine Flemming), FRHS
  • Mackenzie Longino (Phyllis Dale), FRHS

Best Ensemble

  • Fossil Ridge
  • Timber Creek
  • Keller High
  • Central

Triple Threat Award

  • Jenna Lundberg (Peggy Sawyer), FRHS
  • Michael Lopez (Race); CHS
  • Miracle Myles (Jack Kelly); CHS
  • Jose Gonzalez (Davey), CHS
  • Kaitlin Johnson (Becky Two Shoes), KHS
  • Jordan Davis (Wednesday), TCHS

Best Musical Number

  • The World Will Know, CHS
  • Run Freedom Run, KHS
  • Seize the Day, CHS
  • Urinetown, KHS
  • When You’re an Addams, TCHS
  • Audition, FRHS

Excellence in Choreography

  • Madi Dean, Jillian Kromer, Bella Johnston, Leslie Hill-King, Annie Hall, Aria Tolbert, Max Vrij, Renee Powell, Alex Roberson, Miracle Myles, Gracie Miller, Tre Jackson, CHS
  • Lexie Long, FRHS

Excellence in Scenic Design

  • Austin Uselton, Amanda Dominqez, Lauren Stark, Lauren Minke, Gabriel John, CHS
  • Michael Plumlee & Georgiann Bowen, TCHS
  • Zac McDonald & Alysa Campos, FRHS
  • Bryleigh Andrews, KHS

Excellence in Property Design

  • David Percival & Kaitlyn Dellow, TCHS
  • Amanda Domingez, Tayley Rue, Brooklyn Moreno, CHS
  • Sarah Faehnle, Lexi Croatti, KHS
  • Kara Conway, FRHS

Excellence in Lighting and Projections

  • Keegan Moore, TCHS
  • Taylor Gordon, Julia Shaltry, Ty Gabrielson, KHS
  • Julia Donnelly, FRHS
  • Morgan Bailey and Trinity Berube, CHS

Excellence in Hair and Makeup

  • Maycee Cheek, TCHS
  • Jean Southwick, FHRS
  • Camryn Williams, KHS
  • Gabriella Herrera, CHS

Excellence in Sound

  • Logan Williams, TCHS
  • Brooke de la Fuente, KHS
  • Rylee Schepps, Clara Matheny, CHS
  • Cody Rodriguez, FRHS

Excellence in Costuming

  • Emily Nunn, FRHS
  • Reagan Myers, CHS

Excellence in Marketing and Front of House

  • Luke Newton, Trevor Guy, Frankie Garcia, Kennedy Marshall, Binoya Bhatt, Tanner Cassell, Esther Ortega, Camille Layen, CHS
  • Taylor Gordon, Zach Schwartz, KHS
  • Faith Bailey, FRHS
  • Mckinlee Shaw & Dee Lepine, TCHS

Best Orchestra

  • Timber Creek High School

Best Crew & Tech Execution

  • Morgan Bailey and Caroline Aguilar, CHS
  • Raegan White, TCHS
  • Kelsi Karruli, KHS
  • Madison Wilson, FRHS

Best Direction

  • Joshua Harriman, Sarah DeVito, Ann Accas, Tre John, Abbie Harriman, CHS
  • C. Nicholas Morris, KHS
  • Amanda Brundrett, TCHS
  • Trisha Baughman, FRHS

Best Musical Direction

  • Leigh Ann McClure, Nick Chabot, Sarah Powell, CHS
  • Zach Steele, KHS
  • David Ward, FRHS
  • Stephen Evans & Adrian Kirtley, TCHS

Best Technical Direction

  • Tre John, CHS
  • Brian Ketcham, KHS
  • Zachary Elms, Craig Robertson, Lance Morse, TCHS
  • David Kersh, Joshua Helms & Blake Lentz, FRHS

Best Musical

  • 42nd Street, FRHS
  • The Addams Family, TCHS
  • Urinetown, The Musical, KHS
  • Newsies, CHS

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