This year, the indoor drumline is preparing for their show with much anticipated excitement. The show, entitled “Club Duæl”, is intended to have a speakeasy, jazz club feel. The show will have wind features on Saxophone and Trumpet, and include dancers to add to the theme.

“After traveling to Dayton, Ohio last year for WGI Championships, the drumline is excited to see what the end product will look like this year”, explains Paige Greene, marimba player. “I truly think this is going to be the best year yet. Also, who doesn’t like jazz?”

The drumline also has several fundraiser opportunities available in order to make the show possible. On January 26, the drumline will hold their annual drum-a-thon, where they spend all day practicing at the school, and will then perform the show for the first time this season at 8pm in the big gym. Admission is $5 per person, and children 5 and under are admitted for free. Additionally, each drumline member has bingo card with different amounts to donate, which helps cover their last payment of the season. Lastly, Chick-fil-a chicken biscuits are sold every Thursday morning outside the FAC. Each and every one of these options helps the drumline make the show come to life, and allows them to be able to participate in several rigorous contests.

An indoor drumline show has a special dynamic that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else. The practice schedule is intense, with six hours during the week, not including some weekend rehearsals, sectionals, and contests.

“The practice schedule can be tiring, but it is essential for us in order to make sure the show is the best it can be”, explains senior quad player Walter Reyes. “It is all worth it in the end, so it is important that everyone is giving their best effort at every rehearsal.”

With the indoor season in full swing, and contests quickly approaching, the percussion and the rest of the band are eager to see what this year will bring for the drumline.

To see the show live, be sure to attend one of these contest dates:

Feb 9, NTCA Lewisville

Feb 23, WGI Dallas

March 9, WGI Houston

March 30, NTCA Azle

April 6, NTCA Championships (Burleson)

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By Lauren Mrachek

Lauren is a reporter for the Timber Creek Talon. She joined the Talon to express and deepen her love for writing. She is a senior this year and a drum major for the band.

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