The end of the year holidays can be a fun yet hectic time for many people. Most worries center around relatives coming into town or finding the perfect gift to give, but there are some who have to find a place sleep. According to the DallasNews, the homeless population in Tarrant County is up by five percent this year with over 2,000 people living on the streets, but if senior Hannah Blaschke has anything to say about it, many of them will be warm through efforts of a blanket for the homeless drive.

“I’m raising money to make blanket boxes for the homeless. They’re six by four fleece blankets that we cut and knot together,” Blaschke explains. “Anyone who chooses to donate can choose a pattern or color for the fleece.”

While blankets are her main focus, she has expanded to wanting to also provide medication. After a night drive through Dallas, she saw several signs of homeless citizens pleading for medication and decided that something needed to be done to further help the homeless that would go beyond just ensuring warmth.

“Another option is to donate small medication like ibuprofen or Benadryl. Other small things like socks or clothes or anything else that someone may be outgrown from or just have lying around are also welcome to be donated,” Blaschke said.

Instilled with a will to help others by her mother from a young age, Blaschke hopes to continue making the world a better place with her own thoughts and ideas.

“[My mom] raised us to be givers and now that I’m older with a job, I wanted to start finding ways to give on my own,” Blaschke says in reference to her childhood growing up.

Blaschke’s goal is at least 50 blankets and 20 bottles of medication, but she hopes to have much more. Wishing to have all donations final by Dec. 20, those who would like to help can view her GoFundMe page. 

“I’d like to have the donations by Dec. 20 but even if I have to make the boxes and put them out there on Christmas, [I] will,” Blaschke said. “The main idea is just to have them out before January since that’s when it gets really cold.”

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By Serena Shabout

Serena is a senior and News Editor of Talon. She loves books, blacklist and bundt cakes.

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