On Saturday, October 27, the Timber Creek Band received devastating news. They had tied for 5th place in the Area B marching contest, a contest that would only advance five bands to state, but lost the tie-breaker and would not be advancing to the state marching contest.

Students from the Keller High School band, who did advance, recognized all the hard work Timber Creek put in, and wanted to do something that would honor them during their own state contest performances.

“I wrote 4 TCHS on my arm because I wanted to have Timber Creek there at State. Writing 4 TCHS on my arm was a way of bringing them on the field,” said freshman flute player in the Keller Band Haley Engebretson, “I also did it because I wanted to have a performance they would be proud of.”

Band members reported that writing “4 TCHS” on their arm gave their performance a new sense of meaning. It wasn’t just about them, but now about making themselves and Timber Creek proud.

“When I wrote it on my arm, I felt like I had a reason to play and tell a story. Writing that focused me and also gave weight to my music because it mattered to someone other than the judges,” said Engebretson.

The Keller Band placed 7th in the preliminary competition and went on to compete in the finals competition where they received an 8th place ranking.

“I felt that our performances were great,” said Engebretson, “I am so glad I ended the season this way, no matter the what rank we got.”

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By Erin Obregon

Erin is a senior at Timber Creek. She is a flute/piccolo player in the Timber Creek band and is probably eating Starbursts.

One thought on “Keller Band Marches 4TCHS in State Finals”
  1. Thank you to the TCHS band members and parents that came and met KHS band, when they arrived back in Keller, last night. It was gone 1:30am and raining hard. The effort was much appreciated!

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