Balfour will be visiting during all lunches on Tuesday, Nov. 27 in the cafeteria on the stage.

They will be collecting high school memorabilia orders such as; class ring, senior announcement, and senior cap and gown orders. They are requiring an $80 deposit in either, cash, card, or check. There will be junior and senior ring specials as well as brand new senior gear this year.

For cap and gown orders, the price is $37.56 online. This will be the very last option for students to order before the price doubles in January. Click here for the link to the ordering page. Shipping and handling is $13.25 plus tax regardless if you pay online or in person at school.

A late fee will be applied to orders starting Feb. 1 on top of the order total.

Balfour has been partnering with Timber Creek for many years and helps to provide quality products for high school and graduation mementos.

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By Alaina Richardson

Senior at Timber Creek and Editor-in-Chief of Talon.

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