Homecoming has finally arrived and so many clubs and organizations are working behind the scenes to make this Homecoming week the best one yet. So far, it is confirmed that different clubs as well as schools are planned to participate in the parade, followed by a carnival. Homecoming is being done by our main organizations and clubs.

The Timber Creek Cheer team is in the shadows working towards shirts and decorations for the dance in order for homecoming to go smoothly.

“[We] started planning mid-summer with all the decorations,” said cheer coach Alisha Fickle. “[We] have meetings where parents get together and talk about who’s responsible for what goes on during homecoming.”

These preparations have been in the works for awhile, but they still needed a theme for homecoming.

”Dress up days came from a cheerleader who was trying out for a higher position,” Fickle said. “On the application, you had to put an idea for homecoming dress up days and this particular student decided the decades. It really caught my eye.”

The Student Council is decorating the entire school in decade themes. Decorations for the week of Homecoming will be placed around the school along the hallways. Each hallway will be a different decade with photo opportunities for students and teachers alike to make memories of our 10th anniversary of the school being open. North hall is 50s, Main hall is 60s and 70s, Central hall is 80s, and South hall is the 90s. Student Council been working hard for the past three months in order to make homecoming fun and enjoyable for everyone.

“Student Council has been working since the beginning of September getting ready for Homecoming. It took us all summer to think of dress up days,” student body secretary Erica Seay said. “We kept going back and forth and debated whether or not people would participate. We’re really excited for this week and hope everything turns out well.”

In creating the dress up days, students and teachers alike are able to dress up in different outfits and show school spirit in a fun way. Through dress up days, creating mums, and going to the Homecoming football game, every part of the student body contributes to a lively and spirited Homecoming week. Each student has worked hard to make for themselves or another, everything that has gone into this week of events is going to be great, due to all the work put into it by organizations at our own school.

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