Hannah Engebretson, senior, has mastered the hectic schedule of a star student, athlete, and band member over the past few years. However, she didn’t stop there becoming a leader of the Band Service Committee and constructing what began as a church mission project in hopes to make a difference within her student community through the resources and passion of the Falcon Band.

“Snack Sacks were a project I felt comfortable leading and provided many opportunities for other students to get involved,” said Engebretson.

Project Snack Sacks began within the band, holding each section responsible for bringing one item of food for the weekend food bags. Donations were collected from the beginning of summer band to the first football game with an initial goal to support all Flight School students for a month. The project soon grew beyond Engebretson’s expectations, with enough supplies to provide weekend bags all the way to Thanksgiving Break.

“The band responded incredibly well to this program,” said Engebretson. “We have been able to expand the project to encompass students-in-need [school-wide].”

Each Snack Sack consists of enough food items to provide a stable source for students to take home for the weekend when they no longer have access to the school lunch and breakfast system. The project was originally intended solely for flight school but, after assembling 200+ bags so far, the project has grown greatly.

“I don’t have a specific number in mind,” said Engebretson about a goal number of bags to create, “I want to see the project stabilize so that it can continue to be successful after this school year”.

Additionally, Engebretson has decided to continue to collect items to create both more Snack Sacks and a greater impact on campus. Students are encouraged to bring donations the form of a completed sack, using the list of items from below, to assistant principal Jennifer Williams. There is currently no set deadline for donations.

A completed sack includes:

Microwavable Chef Boyardee Containers

Vienna Sausage

Juice Box

Fruit Cup


Pop Tart

Peanut Butter Cracker Pack

Cheese Cracker Pack

Protein Bar

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By Georgia Straub

Georgia Straub graduated with the class of 2019.

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