Coming into a season facing off in a tougher district than the previous year, the Timber Creek Volleyball Team looks at the 2018-2019 challenges with determination rather than defeat, overcoming each obstacle that they face. Hoping to make playoffs for the season straight season, their strong defense and rising junior class has shown off some of their best skill.

We’ve had a great start to the season so far,” said junior Jace Parker. “We really shined in our pre-season tournaments and matches by stepping up as a team and learning to play with new people. We have a really talented group of girls on our team this year, everyone is extremely beneficial.”

Stepping into their district matches, the team is expected to shine on and off the court just as much as they did during their pre-season. Seeing every next game as another opportunity to demonstrate the team’s training, the volleyball team will face off against Central High School on Friday, Sept. 14, at Timber Creek High School at 5:30 p.m., with the goal of getting out ahead and making a name for themselves early during their district matches.

Watch the Sept. 14, 2018 match LIVE on Timber Creek Sports Network here:

We have a really talented group of girls on our team this year, everyone is extremely beneficial,” Parker said. “[Sydney Sherlock and Anna Thomas] lead a lot of our stats so far this season and off the court they’re just as hard working…I have no doubt that we’re going to put up a great fight, play with all that we’ve got, and come out with some wins this season. We’re a very hard working, talented, and competitive group of girls that are really going to shine this season.”

By Samantha Sandusky

Senior at Timber Creek.

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