The 2018 Varsity Football season is here, but before you go to cheer on the Falcons here are some stadium rules you need to know.

Ticket Sales

General admission and reserved seating for single games are available online for purchase. They are also available at every KISD high school during the week leading up to the game, and at the gate for every varsity game. The non-KISD visiting teams tickets will be available online or at the gate. When buying tickets on-site, home side tickets will only be available at the Home side ticket booths, and Visitor side are only available at the Visitor ticket booths.

No Outside Food and Drinks; No Backpacks

To ensure a safe environment for everyone, outside food, drinks, and backpacks will not be allowed inside of the stadium for varsity football games. Parents who need bags for young children or infants will be allowed.

Fan Access to KISD Stadium

Home fans must enter the stadium on the two home side gates. Home side parking is located on the west side of the stadium.

Visiting fans must enter the stadium from the visitor side. Visitor parking is located on the east side of the stadium and in the overflow lot northwest of the stadium. Be aware that the overflow lot will be full as it also doubles as bus parking.

Fans are not allowed to crossover from either side during any game. Anyone with proper KISD credentials only will be allowed to crossover from the visitor side to the home side. There is also no re-entry permitted. If you leave the the stadium you will be asked to purchase a new ticket to enter.

Fans are not allowed to to spray/throw anything at the game. Such as, baby powder, confetti, or water. Additionally, noise makers, such as air horns, will not be allowed.


Signs are allowed to support you team, but signs that are negative or mention your team’s opponent are not allowed.

Field Access

If photographers, media, college scouts, team doctors, guests, district and campus administrators wish to access the field they must have a field pass. Adults leading a performance group-football team, band, cheer, drill team or choir, don’t need a field pass as long as they enter with their respective group.

All student photographers and video crew must have a field pass. Students not accompanied with an adult with a field pass will not be allowed on the field.


Keller ISD knows that many fans may be interested in getting to the games early to tailgate in the parking lots. This year’s tailgating policy is as follows:

  1. Home side fans -set up in the south parking lot on the home side. (See on-site signage for reference.)
  2. Visitor side fans- set up along the the eastern edge of the visitors parking lot (See on-site signage for reference.)
  3. All space is first come, first served. Spots may not be reserved before 4:30pm for night games.
  4. Use no more than three parking spaces.
  5. If desired, you may place the name of your organization on your table.
  6. No handouts or flyers may be distributed to fans or placed on vehicles.
  7. Food preparation should be limited to those you have invited or expect to attend. (This prevision is in place, so we can continue to support the concession stands that are run by our band and athletic boosters.)
  8. Food items should not be for sale.
  9. Alcohol is not allowed on any KISD property as per state law.
  10. Please remove all trash when leaving your area and secure all cooking devices.

View all the stadium rules on the official KISD Website.

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