Starting Wednesday, Sept. 5, an admissions representative from the University of North Texas will be working as an advisor to give advice to anyone who wants to know more about college.

The advisor will be available to work with students every other Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., and will continue biweekly after a certain point.

The admissions representative will not be recruiting for UNT, but only working as a college advisor with students who wish to ask for help. This will be an exciting opportunity to receive help on college applications, SAT, ACT, or FAFSA.

“If this trial run is successful, averaging 30 students per day, we will have a full Go Center this spring staffed by UNT students,” said counselor Marissa Diaz.


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By Kaitlyn Fleming

Alaina Richardson (Talon Editor in Chief) told me to write "I am just a senior," so hi I'm Kaitlyn, and I am just a senior.

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