The athletic training program is in search of student athletic trainers for the upcoming fall and spring season.

Athletic training is the study of the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic related injuries.

There is no fee or charge to apply for this program. However, students are required to participate in organizational fundraising throughout the year to maintain this cost.

The program consists of three staff athletic trainers and about 10 to 15 students. It is also associated with the sports medicine class. Although it is highly recommended to take the course, students interested in the program are not required to take any sports medicine classes as a prerequisite. 

As an athletic trainer students have the opportunity to bandage athletes, help with injury evaluations, hydrate athletes, and set up football games. Furthermore, during football games trainers will set up sidelines, fill water bottles, and monitor the players going on and off the field.

Being in this sports-based organization gives students the chance to make new friends, gain clinical therapy experience, get a physical education credit, earn a CPR and first aid certification, and even earn a letterman.  

One of three staff trainers, Coach Jesus Holguin said, “students are an aid to the athletic trainers, but they also gain experience.”

This program is considered an extracurricular activity. Therefore, the UIL rules of “no pass, no play” applies to student trainers. Beyond an eight hour school day, student trainers are expected to attend and apply their skills at their designated fall/spring sports practices and games.

Junior and current trainer, Emily Couch, describes this to be “like a work schedule where you can take shifts with other trainers.”

This program is an essential practicum for those interested in a career in sports medicine, or simply a team to contribute one’s efforts to.

“Athletic training is a big time commitment,” Holguin said. “But it says a lot about a student when they are able to stick to it and take the responsibility of a student trainer.”

Students interested in joining the athletic training program should contact the athletic trainers at for more information.

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