When students returned from Spring Break, they witnessed a solution to the crowded intersection of the upstairs Center Hall area; a roundabout.

This roundabout was created using a table in the middle of the hallway with arrows indicating which direction students should walk when they arrive at C-Hall. While the roundabout is a solution presented to fix the crammed intersection, the general consensus is that the solution to traffic is ineffective.

“The roundabout seems like a half-baked idea,” journalism teacher Greg Janda said. “They should’ve put more effort into the idea.”

While the roundabout had intentions to save students from hap-hazardly walking through the intersection, it is noted that none of the students follow the suggestions in the first place.

“I do not believe it’s effective, because no one follows it anyway,” said sophomore, Laura Pearson. “It’s just in the way at this point.”

The creator of the roundabout, Assistant Principal James Johnson, emphasized that the roundabout was purely a trial. There were modifications seen through the week. It began with the table and no indicators but as the week progressed a directional sign that was taller than the ones taped to the table gave students a better idea of why the table was there.

“We put it out there to see if the students would know how to follow it,” Johnson said.

When asked about the future of the roundabout, Johnson described that there were better things to come, and with the help of the science department in main hall, those idea may come to fruition. Currently they removed the table and replaced it with taped arrows.

The roundabout so far has not been everyone’s favorite, but the future may reveal a better, more effective solution to upstairs traffic in the halls.

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By Reed Smith

Reed Smith is a Senior and holds the position of Sports Editor in Talon. Additionally, Smith has a weekly sports column on the website, titled "Don't Reed Into It."

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