When preparing to graduate high school, many apply to colleges hoping to get accepted into the school of their dreams. However for some, money is a pressing issue when deciding their future path. Despite all this worry, most are unaware of the many opportunities Keller ISD makes available for scholarships and financial aid.

One of the biggest resources is the Keller ISD scholarship website database, a centralized location where applications and deadlines to local scholarships are posted, which can be accessed here. The Keller username and password for this is both “keller” all lowercase. This website provides a list of scholarships and awards possibly applicable to most high school students. It then gives the option to compile this list into an Excel spreadsheet for easier viewing.

Another potential beneficial opportunity, in effort to appeal to Tarrant County College students, UT Arlington announced that it will freeze its tuition rates for TCC transfer students pursuing four-year degrees (UTA x TCC). This financial incentive is part of the Early Transfer Identification Program, or E-TIP, a deal between UTA and TCC that also aims to establish academic relationships with students early in their college careers to help guide them on a degree course at UTA. This program is specifically designed for students with a goal of obtaining a bachelor’s degree. (Read more about this plan here.)

Current seniors who intend on applying for financial aid with their chosen college will need to file their FAFSA, more information about which may be found here. For even more information regarding financial aid and scholarships visit the Scholarships and Financial Aid page located on the Timber Creek website.

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By Erin Obregon

Erin is a senior at Timber Creek. She is a flute/piccolo player in the Timber Creek band and is probably eating Starbursts.

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