Four Timber Creek students, Harper Smith, Sophia Rosenthal, Jack Gray and Sydney Khamphouseng, have made UIL State for Theatrical Design.

Harper Smith, a senior who’s going to State for Makeup and Hair Design, emphasized how much work goes into studying the screen writes.

“I read and annotated the plays, watched one of the movies, and referenced numerous past and present hair and makeup styles,” Smith said.

Outside of UIL Theatrical Design, Smith is an AP 2D Design student, having to develop art based on characters that she has developed herself.

“I felt that the hair and makeup design for the play was a perfect fit,” she said. “I didn’t create these characters, but taking written words and transforming them into a look that captures their personalities was a challenge I believe I could handle.”

Along with Harper, sophomore Sophia Rosenthal is also making the journey to Austin for Makeup and Hair Design. Rosenthal also had to work hard and research.

“It required a lot of research to find out what fit the time of the show and then processing through fashion history,” Rosenthal said.

Rosenthal, while confident in her own chances of placing in UIL, also believes in her Falcon teammates. This event offered many opportunities for the participating students.

“I do feel pretty confident in my chances if I make a few changes. I think overall most of the students coming from Timber Creek are going to do great,” said Rosenthal. “The competition is a great way to merge my passion of theatre, artwork, and my competitive personality,.”

Sydney Khamphouseng, competing for Costume Design,  joins Rosenthal as the second sophomore from Timber Creek making her way to Austin. Khamphouseng found that the change of prompts from fantasy to drama caused difficulty when working.

“We couldn’t been more creative in this aspect…instead we had to go off history and actual evidence,” Khamphouseng commented.

Khamphouseng is out to prove that although she is not the best artist, she can place in UIL and do well.

The competition takes place on April 26, as all four students are confident in there abilities,  wanting to bring glory for themselves and their school. No matter the outcome, the school is proud of their efforts.

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By Reed Smith

Reed Smith is a Senior and holds the position of Sports Editor in Talon. Additionally, Smith has a weekly sports column on the website, titled "Don't Reed Into It."

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