Students at Timber Creek High School are gifted individuals. They’re admirable at whatever they do, whether it be throwing the winning touchdown, being President of a club or organization, or writing a news article. However, when it comes to academic prowess, there is a bit of lagging behind in nearly the entire portion of the student body.

Everyone knows school can get tough, and there are days when students just don’t feel like going. When teachers are giving a lecture students don’t understand, students more often than not fail to mention their problem. They end up failing after receiving multiple assignments that they don’t know how to complete. This is especially true for students that may take all Pre-AP/AP classes. But that doesn’t mean students should use that as an excuse to cut class, or take out their phones and start grinding on Fortnite. They have a window of opportunity that’s been opened for them. They can’t just sit around, watching it close before their eyes.

Everyday at school, it’s disappointing to see students acting like this. Some are skipping, while others are in class, but are ignoring teachers completely. Others are showing disrespect by turning in late assignments and asking for extensions when the due date of the assignment had been common knowledge for weeks. It is a students academic, as much as personal, responsibility to make sure they get their assignments turned in on time. Teachers have gone out of their way to give students the tools they need to complete a task. Students need to show teachers the same respect they showed them by doing those assignments. Or at least go to class so that they can learn the material needed for completion.

Sometimes, students refuse to show up to school at all. This is worse than skipping a class, students just didn’t show their faces at school. What this says about the student is that they don’t care about their education, whether they pass or fail. What these students do care about, is the trouble they get themselves into. And in the long run, that trouble could prevent them from being able to reach their full academic potential.

It is understandable that some students suffer from mental conditions such as depression and anxiety, and can’t show up to school. The weight of difficult AP classes can at times be hard to handle as well. There are times when students just feel like they need a break. But if a student is having a difficult time in a Pre-AP class, and is using that as an excuse to turn in late assignments, or not get work done, then it’s not just a case of being overworked. Students who are having trouble in a higher level class should take the initiative to change their schedule and classes. If a student can turn in work on time in a standard class, and make decent grades, than why do they need to struggle to get the extra bonus points in an AP class?

Yes, school can be extremely dull and at times, seem pointless. But an education gives students a purpose. It shows them the path they need to take to reach their dream career. An education can show students the future, and allows them to control it. And when students skip out on this valuable opportunity, they not only miss the opportunity to make their own lives the best they can be, but they settle for the worst life can offer. At most, accepting a life of mediocrity.

The future is not something to be taken lightly. Students shouldn’t allow themselves to settle for anything that would mean giving up their dreams. Planning for the future is important, but it cannot be something that teachers and counselor’s do for students. They need to be the driving force behind the process, making sure they are in classes they can balance. But at the same time, doing what they love. This guarantees that the student not only works towards their future, but enjoys their work.

An education is the key to a students life, no matter what path they choose to take. To make sure that students don’t choose the lifestyle of mediocrity, the experience they have during their time in school must be enjoyable. The only way to ensure this, is to let the student plan their future, with a bit of aid along the way. Not the other way around.

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By Talon Editorial

This story is an editorial written by a group of Talon Opinion Editors. It represents a researched and informed opinion collected through interviews, research, student observations and experiences.

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