During the week of April 2-6, TCTV will feature a different World Language each day on the announcements by presenting stories about that language, and having the regular announcements be communicated in that language. There will be subtitles of the information in English available for non-speakers.

Students and teachers from each language department will be invited to deliver the announcements in their specific language, as well as provide stories about their classes and mention clubs or organizations on campus about that language.

“World Language Week is a good opportunity for students to learn about the different cultures and languages around the school,” said TCTV member Paige Greene.  “It also gives a way for students who are not usually involved in student media to be a part of a school wide project.”

Below is the schedule displaying what language will be presented which day:

Monday, April 2 – Spanish

Tuesday, April 3 – French

Wednesday, April 4 – German

Thursday, April 5 – American Sign Language

Friday, April 6 – Additional Languages: Students will communicate portions of the announcements in different languages, including Portuguese, Korean, and others.

Additionally, TCFM will have a Spanish-language hour-long block of music start broadcasting on April 2, from 2-3pm, which will play modern and classic Spanish-language music and have intros and outros for songs from a Spanish-language speaker.

Later in April, TCFM will launch an additional World Language block which will feature music from many different countries and cultures.

“There is so much culture in every song you hear, and I feel like everyone should get a chance to enjoy it and listen to it for the first time.”, said TCTV member Montserrat Luna.

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By Lauren Mrachek

Lauren is a reporter for the Timber Creek Talon. She joined the Talon to express and deepen her love for writing. She is a senior this year and a drum major for the band.

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