The Timber Creek Sky Dancers enjoyed an out of state performance before Spring Break, going to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. The Sky Dancers were also able to take a Disney Workshop, where they learned from some Disney professional dancers, choreographers and directors.

The dancers got to go through a “trial/mock audition”, where they learned two mini dance combos of different styles, performed in small groups for the Disney professionals who worked with them, and had a Q&A about the Disney recruitment process.

“It was really interesting to get to see the ‘backstage’ side almost how Disney puts on some of their shows and prepares,” said Emily Uvaney, three year line member.

After the performance, the dancers enjoyed a little relaxation by going to all the Disney parks.

“We opened the parks pretty much everyday and closed the parks every night [until] about 11-12 at night,” Uvaney said.

Their visit brought enabled them to learn new dance skills while also having fun seeing their favorite Disney characters come to life. Spending several days together enabled the team to grow stronger as a team.

“It was a great experience, I had an amazing time bonding with my teammates,” Britten Smith, sophomore line member said.

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