The record-breaking Lady Falcons basketball team tore through the season, finishing with successful overall record of 29-5 and making it to the second round of playoffs.

“This season was the best one in Timber Creek history,” said basketball coach Tina DeMichele via email. “We got a district championship.”

The winning record was impressive, but the bond between teammates runs deeper. Senior player Sydney Nunley felt especially connected to her fellow players this season.

“These girls are my sisters,” explained Nunley. “They’ve held me during the toughest times. I can’t express how thankful I am for them.”

Nunley was a crucial part of the team, a fiery offensive player who could be counted on to score. Although many varsity players, like Nunley, are graduating this year, Coach DeMichele is hopeful for the future.

“In the next season, I am looking forward to these veteran  players stepping up and keeping the winning tradition going,” expressed DeMichele.

All of the girls contributed to the successful season, but some exceptional team performances stood out to DeMichele. Particularly, clinching the district championship and beating Lamar in the bi-district game were distinctive moments in the season for her, but the diligence of the players was important as well.

“This is a very special team that set goals and worked hard to reach them,” explained DeMichele. “Each player added something on and off the court that will never be forgotten.”

Overall, the Lady Falcons dominated their competition and showed that they could play at a high level.

“This season was amazing,” finished Nunley. “I proved to myself and others that TC basketball is where it’s at.”

Also, along the the championship and playoff run, many individual players were recognized. Lauryn Freeman was the Defensive Player of the Year, and Sydney Nunley was the Offensive Player of the Year. Brooke Lay and Mel Kailahi made 1st Team All District while Kristen Gould and Brooke McGee made 2nd Team All District.

The following players were part of Academic All District:

Brooke Lay

Robin Nunley

Mia Topping

Lanae Johnson-Kleinpeter

Kristen Gould

Lauryn Freeman

Malia Linton

Mel Kailahi

Brooke McGee

Keyonna Henry

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