The library will be closed for TELPAS testing on Tuesday, Feb. 27 through Friday, March 2, and the new library policy will be put into place immediately afterward.

The tables in the library reserved for students with food or drinks will now have a limit of four people per table. Librarian, Brandy Abbott, shared the reasons for the new rules.

“We got several complaints about noise and overcrowding,” said Abbott. “The original intention for the wooded area was for students coming from the coffee shop with coffee. Not a place to eat lunch.”

The rule applies to lunch as well as the mornings and afternoons, and  Abbott would like students to know the following things.

“If the wooded area is full, you must go back to the cafeteria. There is no food or drink on the carpeted area of the library,” said Abbott.

“You know I love people in the library, but academics come first, and we’ve gotten too many complaints from students and teachers about the noise.”

For questions about the new policy please see Abbott in the library.

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By Lauren Graham

Talon News Editor The Creek Yearbook Co-Editor-In-Chief

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