For seniors the satisfaction of graduation and college is enough, but for Hannah Boggs she goes a step further by having already become a published illustrator.

“It’s just kinda what drives me forward,” said Boggs.

She saw an ad on Facebook by Josh and Jennifer Bryant that was asking for artists and she decided to go for the job. She said that she spent two to three months on the story.

“The main character was inspired by the son of the author as well as the two main dogs mentioned at the beginning of the book. The cat at the beginning is actually based off of one of the cats that I currently have at home,” Boggs explained.

She worked on the book while school continued on and the responsibilities weighed on her.

“The biggest problem I had was meeting deadlines, along with all of my homework and other stuff,” said Boggs. “But if I just delegated time to it whenever I got home and managed my time correctly I was able to get it all done.”

Now that the book is finished and published on Amazon, Boggs now experiences a new relief of not having to worry about writing the book itself. 

“As someone who was stressing over each page and trying to get all of them out at a reasonable pace, it felt great to have the pressure off my shoulders.”

She is thrilled to put this on her resume and let colleges and jobs know how much she has achieved at such an early age. Boggs plans to continue illustrating as well. She hopes to work for DC or Marvel and even one day work as a high school art teacher.

Boggs said, “I want to be a high school teacher because it would be awesome to be able to inspire and guide young talents forward in their artistic careers.”

The book Achieve Anything: How to Set Goals for Children is now available on Amazon for purchase.

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By Madison Butler

Madison Butler is a senior at Timber Creek High School. She has been involved in the Talon for 4 years. She is the Multi-Media Manager for Talon, TCTV, TCFM, TCSN, and Yearbook.

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