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Mrs. Kendrick is the sunshine of the south end of the building. She is ALWAYS positive no matter what is going on. She builds relationships with everyone she meets; students and teachers alike. She helps other teachers when they are in need no matter what. She is kind to everyone and goes beyond for her students.

Social Studies
Fran Patty has been a great colleague to work with this year and a wonderful new addition to our Social Studies Department. She demonstrates a great work ethic and is often the first in and the last to leave to make sure her students will get the best lesson. She is constantly taking the initiative to find ways to improve the curriculum. Her transition to a full time World Geography teacher has been most impressive. She is always looking for ways to improve professionally by asking questions and finding ways to adjust her lessons to meet her students’ needs. The Timber Creek Community continues to grow stronger and more committed to our students and Fran is a shining example to us all!

I would like to nominate Jaime Goad. Jaime teaches English to our 9th grade and 11th grade special education students. She works tirelessly to help her kids and encourages them to do their best. In addition, Jaime was an enormous help when her partner was out for an extended leave earlier this year. I cannot thank Jaime enough for all of her help and tireless efforts to help keep the sped ELA afloat last semester!

Fine Arts
Mr. Ijiyera brightens the day of staff members and students by greeting everyone with a smile. His professionalism and deep knowledge of art makes him well respected by all. We appreciate you, Mr. Ijiyera!

World Language
The World Languages Department would not be the same without January’s Teacher of the Month, Mr. Bill Cravotta. Mr. Cravotta was, until recently, the whole German department. Now with help, he continues to make the German program at Timber Creek especially engaging. Students learn lots about the language and interesting German culture. Mr. Cravotta makes teaching and relationship building look effortless. The German program continues to grow because of his efforts and under his direction, his students can earn up to 16 college credit hours by taking the AP exam in level 4.

Special Education
Justin Hennig speaks to students in a language they understand. He gets to know each student, understands their needs, and then he finds a way to help them. He does the same for the teachers he works with. He provides a great deal of support for our school.

CTE nominates Greg Janda for the January Teacher of the Month. Our 2017 TCHS Teacher of the Year is quite a hard act to follow! I think we all know what he does and how awesome he is…think TCTV, The Talon, TCFM-(which even has an app!), Live Broadcasting of TCHS sports, Sunday Night Q&A sessions, just to name a few. Mr. Janda’s knowledge and dedication are evident to us all, but especially to his students who have the privilege of participating in the real-world experiences he provides. Thanks for all you do, Greg Janda!

Shawna Anzaldua – new teacher to our math team. She has done a great job coming in mid-year stepping into her position!

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