Timber Creek will be hosting Kiss the Goat Fundraiser this year for Project Graduation, something that has not happened since Feb. 13, 2015. The lucky candidate of the last fundraiser, Brian Day, raised donations that brought over 400 dollars to aid special ed Prom for 2015-16.

The candidates for this hilarious competition are as follows:

  • Donnie Bartlett
  • James Johnson
  • Michelle Somerhalder
  • Emily Boehringer
  • Kevin Golden
  • Todd Lacey

As of Feb. 15 Bartlett is leading the race and is set to kiss Gigi the Goat Feb. 16 during all lunches. The “big smooch” will happen in the courtyard between the cafeteria and football field for all to see.

Students can donate money to their preferred candidate by purchasing items from here. The candidate that raises the most money will have the great honor of smooching with Gigi the Goat at the pep rally on Friday, Feb. 16 due to the pushback on the fundraiser. The original date would’ve been Friday, Feb. 2. The fundraiser ends at 3:50 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 30, so make sure to get those votes in quick. Students will also be able to watch the event during their lunch.

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By Mason Howard

Mason is a Senior at Timber, and enjoys writing, video games, and watching anime.

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