Timber Creek will be hosting its annual Falcon Showcase on Jan. 29 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m in the cafeteria. There will be breakout sessions about AP classes and athletics in the Lecture Hall and Fine Arts Center respectively. This event is for current eighth graders to learn more about all that high school offers. 

Teachers will be presenting their courses or programs to the eighth graders, so they will be informed about all their options for freshman year. This is a great opportunity for future Timber Creek students to get a feel for the school and activities.

“It was very interesting walking into the cafeteria and seeing tables lined up with all the different opportunities,” said freshman Travis Shields who attended the Falcon Showcase last year. “It opened my eyes to the options of high school and what was required.”

The event is designed to help introduce eighth graders to their future school and freshmen classes.

“It [was] a good look into the different [areas] of high school and how high school lets you focus your studies,” continued Shields.

The Falcon Showcase is a great chance for incoming Timber Creek students to begin the transition into high school and to be exposed to the programs offered at this school.

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By Emma Shields

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