On Dec. 9, band students from around the entire region competed at Phase 2 of the All Region process. Freshmen also competed in the Freshman Region auditions. This year, the Timber Creek band had 20 students make All Region and 14 make Freshman Region, making 34 students total.

In addition to the 34 All Region students, the band had 12 students advance to Area. On Jan. 13, these students will travel to Coppell to compete for a chance to advance to State.

On Jan. 19 and 20, the students who made the band will attend a clinic and prepare a concert for the evening of Jan. 20. This is an incredible opportunity for students to work with clinicians and play with a different group of musicians.

Congratulations to all of the students who put in time and effort in auditioning for the All Region Band:

*Denotes Area advancement


Lauren Mrachek* – second chair

Allison Liu* – fifth chair
Josue Marquez – eleventh chair

Evan Price* – second chair

English Horn
Quinton Porter* – first chair

Alexis Capitano* – fourth chair

Bb Clarinet
Hannah Engebretson* – eleventh chair
Gentry Lamberth – twenty-second chair

Bass Clarinet
Owen Ziegler – fourth chair

Alto Saxophone
Ana Luiza de Oliveira – sixth chair

Austin Bell* – second chair
Jacob Thomas* – third chair
Tanner Price* – seventh chair
Nathaniel Smith – sixteenth chair

French Horn
Isabella Rodriguez* – fifth chair
Ava Lamberth* – eigth chair
Katherine Bos – fourteenth chair

Tenor Trombone
Grayson Tarter – thirteenth chair

Jayne Margason* – first chair

Maddison Rudd – thirtheenth chair


Freshman All-Region

Hannah McCracken – fourth chair

Aidan Fitzgerald – second chair

Luke Nelson – fourth chair

Bb Clarinet
Christine Park – eighth chair
Alexee Bautista – seventeenth chair

Bass Clarinet
Kayla Luangsouphom – fourth chair

Alto Saxophone
Luis Hernandez – third chair
Bryce Flores – sixth chair

Tenor Saxophone
Sofia Reyes – first chair

French Horn
Sadie Becht – first chair

Tenor Trombone
Lang Westbrook – third chair

Kayla Khotsombath – first chair
Taylor Thompson – fourth chair

Davi Custodio – third chair

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By Lauren Mrachek

Lauren is a reporter for the Timber Creek Talon. She joined the Talon to express and deepen her love for writing. She is a senior this year and a drum major for the band.

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