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Math – Katherine Lorenz
Katherine Lorenz stepped up to the plate and organized giving instruction to another teacher’s classes while that teacher was out on FMLA.

Science – Angela Starrett
Angela Starrett makes the extra effort to get to know her students, challenging them in the classroom to extend their understanding, and holds them accountable for their learning and success. She supports her team and school, actively participating and attending school activities and events to cheer her fellow Falcons to success. She seeks out to improve her understanding of her content and looks for way to better enrich her course and its presentation.

Social Studies – Melissa West
Ms. West goes above and beyond the requirements of her duties here at TCHS. With little content to lean on from previous year’s lessons, she actively creates new formats through which kids can learn while remaining highly engaged. She also freely distributes her ideas to the rest of the staff, encouraging her peers to notice the more modern tactics and staff development opportunities they might otherwise eschew. Additionally, her work for our campus extends beyond just the social studies department, as she has lent her presence to both the debate team and the Interact program. She is a beacon of both positivity and continuous improvement for our department, and we are lucky to have her.

English – Jamie Bird
I know I keep using Jamie, but I really think she deserves this. Jamie took a leap of faith, leaving years of teaching 4th grade, to come to TCHS to teach 10th grade PAP. She has fit right in with our team. Her passion for her kids is evident the moment you walk into her room. She introduced flexible seating in her classroom, which the kids love, and spearheaded the donation drive for Katy Mayde Creek HS. Jamie is such an asset to our team and we are so happy to have her with us.

Special Education – Leticia Smiley
Letitia Smiley helps prepare her students for their future careers. She finds job sites for her kids to attend, teaches them the personal and professional skills they will need to succeed, and holds them to high expectations as they practice these job skills. She also brings great energy to our hallway. We are lucky to have her on the team.

Fine Arts – Amanda Brundrett
All year long, Amanda Brundrett pours countless hours into her students by preparing for her Theater classes and serving as the director of musicals and plays. Under her direction, Timber Creek High School presented its most successful musical in the school’s history – The Music Man! We value her contribution to the Timber Creek Fine Arts department!

World Languages – Carmen Bernard
Carmen Bernard is World Language’s Teacher of the Month for November. Señora Bernard does a great job of helping all level 2 teachers stay on track with curriculum and instruction. She comes up with great projects that help students learn and practice their vocabulary. Her patience is an example to all of us. We also look to her for organization and lesson planning goals because she is usually ahead of all of us and we strive to follow her example.

CTE – Blake Arnold
Always willing to lend a hand whenever and wherever needed, Blake Arnold represents CTE well as the November Teacher of the Month Nominee. This is Blake’s 2nd year at TCHS after coming into teaching from the world of marketing. He brings his expertise to the classroom on a daily basis, and by the way, if you have never seen his classroom, you should stop by M114! He has a unique set up in his room to maximize the learning potential of real world applications. If he is not busy in his classroom creating awesome lessons, he is on the links coaching our fine students to golfing victory!

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