On Tuesday, Nov. 21, Timber Creek’s Boys JV Basketball team returned as Champions of the Western Hills 2017 Sub-Varsity Tournament.

Through the bracket of twelve teams in two days, JV played four in the respective order of Azle, Young Men’s Leadership Academy (YMLA), Birdville, and Eaton.

Each game proved to be no struggle, as they resulted in winning all, 4-0.

JV Boys coach, Ryan Massad (Mass), details the events of the championship.

“On the first day, we didn’t do too well. But, luckily the ball bounced our way and we won the first two games.” Coach Mass construes. “Then, on the second day of the tournament we played in the semifinals and the finals and my guys came ready to play. It was really all them, they executed and they did everything right and it was awesome.”

Though the basketball season has just begun, the Falcons are 8-1 overall. 

Sophomore forward, Shawn Harris reveals key aspects of being on the team.

“Motivation, passion, and dedication, that’s the big thing.” Harris reflects. “And beyond yourself, team chemistry, unselfishness, and a willingness to have a ‘just do it’ mindset is very important.”

Similar to other clubs and organizations, basketball players use their drive to proudly embody the ideals of our school.

“Basketball is a means of release for me. All sense of stress just evades you once you step foot on the court. It’s almost indescribable.” Harris explains. “Even more so, being able to go to tournaments to represent Timber Creek the way we do is an honor, above all.”

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