Band Meets The End of Their Marching Season at BOA San Antonio Contest

On Nov. 4, the band took a major trip to San Antonio for the Bands of America San Antonio Super Regional. With 68 bands from all over Texas coming together to compete in what is arguably the hardest marching band contest in the country, the Timber Creek band made its first appearance at the contest Saturday Nov. 4

With an early performance time, the band attended the football game and left after half time to drive through the night to San Antonio. With an early stop at Buc-ees at 4:30 a.m. to get dressed, the band then made their way to the Alamodome, full of adrenaline and excitement.

“When we finally stopped, it was a relief to be able to walk around and finally wake up,” explained Paige Greene. “Even thought the bathroom was really crowded and we had multiple bands accompanying us, I definitely needed the adrenaline to make to through the day.”

The band arrived to the dome with more than enough time to get dressed in their uniforms and unload the truck without feeling rushed before they had to go to warm up. As usual, the people responsible for unloading the truck with all of the percussion equipment, larger instruments, and sound equipment, got off of the busses before the rest of the band and headed to the truck lot to unload. The band had made it to the truck lot, but the truck was missing. After several minutes of waiting, it was discovered that the truck had broken down on the street parallel to the Alamodome. With warm up just 15 minutes away, the band and several parent volunteers swiftly made their way up the street to unload the truck in the middle of the road.

During the unloading process, it was found out that Music for All, the company that runs the contests, had graciously pushed back the performance time 45 minutes so that the band had time to unload and warm up.

Although the band ended up being able to get their equipment due to the time being pushed, Keller Central lent the band some of their equipment in the event that they would not be able to access their stuff. In addition to the lent equipment, Keller High School offered to keep the band’s warm up equipment on their truck because the Timber Creek truck was so far away and there wasn’t time to return it before the performance.

“We really appreciate Keller and Keller Central for stepping in and providing their equipment and services to us when we needed it,” said Drum Major Andrew Sylvester. “Even though we were competition, they had great sportsmanship and aided our band to make sure we were set up to have a great performance.”

Despite the truck breaking down, the band handled the situation with maturity, and it motivated them to have an incredible performance.

Not knowing whether or not this would be the last performance of their 2017 contest show, Meeting’s Along the Water’s Edge, the band gave it their all and left it all on the field, performing the best version of their show they had ever done before.

The band finished 24 out of 68 bands, with just a five point gap between them and the 14 band to make finals. This marching season marked a lot of milestones for the Timber Creek Band, and their debut performance at BOA San Antonio was by far an incredible performance to end the season on.

“Our performance was no doubt the best we had ever performed the whole season,” explained junior Erin Obregon.  “I was more than pleased with our performance. We’ve come so far from where we were two years ago and I can’t wait to see where we continue to go.”

See photos from throughout the marching season below:

Lauren Mrachek

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Lauren is a reporter for the Timber Creek Talon. She joined the Talon to express and deepen her love for writing. She is a junior this year and is a drum major for the band.

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