Willamette University Music Scholarships to Be Held Beginning Nov. 11

Willamette University is offering music scholarships for both majors and non-majors, with other opportunities for degree’s such as a Bachelor’s in Music, and a Minor in Arts, Technology, & Multimedia.

These are substantial four-year music scholarships, and auditions for them will be held on Nov. 11, and Jan. 27.To schedule an audition, students should call the music administrative assistant, Diane Trevett, at (503)-370-6687, any time from Monday to Friday. Available call times are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., or email Trevett at dtrevett@willamette.edu. For priority financial consideration, students should plan to audition for Nov. 11.

Juniors and seniors need to apply to Willamette University in order to be considered for the scholarship. Students can either apply for in-person auditions, or simply record their audition, but it must be at least 10-15 minutes in length. If a student wants to post an audition online, they must include the full URL, and it must be unlocked and fully accessible.

If a student needs to apply via CD or DVD, it should be labeled with the name and address, and include a written program with the title’s to each piece, composers of the piece, movements within it, and the name of the performer, respectively.

In addition, before making any final travel plans to come for an audition, applicants should check with the office of admissions to find out the status of their application to the program. Students will be ranked in three different areas: performance, an interview, and sight-reading. Students should plan for 10 minutes of performance time, five minutes for the interview, and five minutes for sight-reading. Students should also plan to arrive half an hour prior to their actual audition, which will allow for registration and warm-up time with their accompanist if they have so requested one.

The performance section should consist of two to three different pieces that have contrasting styles and tempos so as to demonstrate the students ability to perform both rapid and lyrical passages. Vocalists must sing at least one of the pieces in a foreign language, and one of the pieces can be something from the musical theatre. For the sight-reading portion, instrumentalists may be asked to read a short musical excerpt appropriate for their instrument and ability. For jazz players this can mean improvising as well as reading composed melodies.

Please see www.willamette.edu/go/musicauditions for more detailed information.

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